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What is the Prompto Showcase?

What is Prompto Showcase and what can I do with it?

Prompto showcase brings sales-enablement to all of your projects by bundling all your content in a great customer experience for your sales to take on the road. The Prompto showcase is meant to align marketing and sales teams and help them provide a better sales experience to the end customer
Besides that, it gives you full control over all your marketing images and the story your internal and external sales are taking on the road. 

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Unified content 

You are in full control of the images used in your project. Publish and unpublish images with one click. Every presentation that is being done will automatically use the right images, texts and information. It eliminates the risk that different images are being used in the sales process or information is outdated. 


What projects are being sold the most? Are your internal and external teams using your content the right way and who is most successful. With the showcase, you see what happens to your project and can act accordingly, no more analysing after the project is sold, do it during the sales process and drive success. 

Buyer experience 

Prompto showcase is eliminating the sales bundle that your sales are taking on the road. A thick bundle of information that doesn't give you the right professional look. Show your prospects a beautifully crafted experience that shows them you are a modern company worth trusting. 

More meetings, less preparing

Having a showcase at your disposal for every project eliminates the stress that comes with the forgetting of information bundles, organizing your sales story and finding the right information about the customer. Everything is prepared for your sales presentation, every time.