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SETTINGS | configure the showcase to fit your style.

Find the 'settings' tab under the showcase editor of a project. It is the last step in making a showcase. In general, you can configure the showcase to your style and standards.

What can you configure?

  • Components: Set up the visibility and details of showcase components, what can they see when they go trough the showcase.
  • Visuals: Tweak the look and feel of your showcase (Colors (for example the colors of your company), size of images,...)
  • Contact us: Choose when you want to show 'Contact us'.
  • Units: Set unit details (when does the buttons light up, what do they see when they go over the button,...)
  • Google Tag Manager: Set up a tag management system.
  • Access: Expiration time of the sharing code.
  • Infowall: Set up an infowall where you clients have to fill in their name,...