Prompto Portal

What is the management portal and what can I do with it?

The Prompto management portal ( is the place where you can manage and control all of your projects and Prompto modules. 


Manage your account 

Create new users, change billing information, add logo's and your company-wide loading screen for the Prompto Viewer. If set up correctly, you will have the best Prompto experience out there. 

Manage your projects

Add new projects, download your content and distribute it through the Prompto showcase. Everything you need to manage the content in your company in one place. 

Manage your apps 

Use the Prompto viewer, 360 apps or other developed apps to maximise the use of the Prompto platform. 

Analyze your projects

Get statistics of your projects and interpret who your best sales are internal and external. Rely on data, not gut feeling.