How to create a Turntable

Short Answer: upload a sequence of images in the turntable section


So it's 2022 and you're still using static flat images or subpar looking web experiences to show of your amazing real estate?

A prerendered turntable maquette is the ideal way of showing of your real estate project. It strikes the perfect balance between interactivity and visual fidelity, allowing your prospects to get to know your project in high detail from the comfort of their own couch, on any device.

How it works

In short, we've all seen a zoetrope before, when you create the illusion of motion by spinning a set of cards or figures and they come alive! In a similar sense, when you create take 18 angles of your property and spin them around, they start feeling like a coherent experience. The more images you add, the smoother the effect is, up until the full 360° of a circle.

Prompto technology ensures a smooth experience every time by optimizing loading speeds & memory use, but ultimately the best experience comes from the best looking 3D content.

Your 3D rendering agency will be quite capable of making these for you at a low cost. We recommend between 24 & 36 images per turntable as the ideal amount. The resolution can be up to 4K, since our system optimizes this depending on the viewers device and network capabilities.

Part 1 - The visual

As described in the introduction, make sure you have a set of at least 18 images ready to upload. Head on over to the turntable tab of your project where all your future turntables will be grouped.
Hit the "add new" in the top right there.

Find the area to upload your images and add them here.

You can see the result straight away by unchecking the mask option and hitting "continue"

You should see your turntable. Drag left and right with the mouse to rotate it around as a preview.

If you think it looks good (no missing images), hit "continue" and the upload will start.

Once that is done, head on over to the showcase editor and you can drag n drop your new turntable anywhere. Find it in the turntable section of your media browser to the right.

Part 2 - The interactivity

Coming Soon