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How does the tool work?

Five easy steps to guide you trough the showcase.

1. Tour: Via the icons (eye, arrow, little man,...) you can walk through the project and see different viewpoints from inside and outside. You can also use the icons to walk to other buildings or viewpoints.


2. When you arrive at a building, you can use the buttons on the buildings to find all the units of the of the project and their status (available, option, sold). If you hover your mouse over the dots, you can see some information about that unit at a glance.
(Optional: After clicking on a unit, you have to fill in your contact details once in order to
continue. This can also be switched off, so that they don't have to enter anything if they want to view the entire unit.)

During your search through the buildings you will see a filter icon in the bottom right.
Here you can set the number of bedrooms and/or a surface area. This way only the units that suit you best will appear on the screen.

3. The second part of the showcase is 'Map'. Here you can find an exact location of the building in Google Maps.

4. Next, at the bottom right, next to 'Tour' and 'Map', you will find the unit list.
In this list you can mark your favorites by clicking on the heart at the end (and turn it green). The heart will appear again in the bottom right-hand corner. All your favorites are collected there. 
If you click on the heart, you'll be directed to your favorites page.
When you click on an unit, you can find extra information, for example the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms,... Also, if it is uploaded, you can download a floor plan of the apartment/building.

On your favorites page, you can leave your details via the Interest button at the top right. As soon as you do so, our sales representative will be informed of which units are your favorites and we can start our conversation immediately.

5. The last tab is 'Sources'. This is the place where you have a last clear overview of every image or document that can be of interest for you.

(6. You can also share the experience of your real estate project with any customer so they can re-watch it in the comfort of their home.) 

Sharing the virtual tour can be done from within the showcase itself, see below. 
Just hit the share button & copy the url by clicking on it.

Alternatively you can note down just the code & go to showcase.prompto.com . When your customer fills in the 5 digit unique code unique they will get access to your showcase.