How do I use a virtual tour?

Left click with the mouse and dragging around while pressed down will allow you to turn the 360 images in all directions. This will allow you to view every detail of the room.


A virtual tour has several interactive elements:

1. White navigation points

Clicking a navigation point will move you to another room or another view in a large room. The name of the destination is visible above each point. This makes navigating through a building very easy.

2. The gallery

Clicking the gallery button in the top left opens an overview of all available rooms. This allows you to quickly jump from one room to another. Closing the gallery can be done by clicking next to the gallery or clicking "hide overview".

3. Fullscreen

Clicking the button at the top right opens the tour in full screen, clicking this icon again will return it to the normal view.

 4. Extra information

The creator can add information to the tour as information points. These will be visible as white dots. 

Clicking them will show you more information about objects or the room in general. This allows you to clarify certain things or highlight certain aspects that would otherwise not be visible.

 5. Floorplan 

When added, a Floorplan will be available to the viewer in the menu, this will show the apartment with all the spots to which you can navigate to 

 6.  Chat

When enabled, the viewer can chat with you through the tour, questions can be asked and linked to certain viewpoints in the virtual tour.

  7. Smartphone or Tablet

You can watch our virtual tours on a smartphone or tablet. There are a few options in the top left menu such as gyroscope, virtual reality and touch mode. More information on these differnent modes can be found here.