How do I add a floorplan to my tour?

If you want users to be able to orientate a bit more inside the virtual tour, you always can add a floorplan.

  • First you go to the tour in EDIT MODE by clicking on EDIT TOUR
  • You'll see two columns at the right side of your screen. One with the all the spots listed in the tour, and one with the floorplans.

    To add a floorplan, simply click on the + sign at the top right.
  • Give the floorplan a name and select a picture from your computer. Then drag the handles of the area you want to select and click Crop Image
  • Click Save to confirm the image you selected
  • Now you will see the floorplan at the left. You can drag and drop images from the Gallery to the floorplan. Once released they will become a link on the floorplan
  • Now your customers can view the floorplan you just added in the online viewer by clicking on the floorplan button at the top left