MAP | How to create an interactive map view.

Short: go to "showcase" editor and find the Map tab to edit the experience.

Once you're in the map tab of the showcase editor, please locate the following features:

  1. Draw polygons - top right of the map view
  2. Edit minimap - edit pencil icon in center of your screen
  3. Add Media spots - right hand side media panel

Drawing Polygons

The polygon tool allows you to highlight your real estate project on the map, so your prospects know exactly what area is up for sale.

  1. Click on the polygon tool on the top right
  2. Click on the map to start drawing
  3. Double click to close a polygon
  4. Click on the polygon tool again to stop drawing.

You can also

  • Move a polygon by dragging it
  • delete a polygon with the delete bucket.

Editing the Minimap

With this feature you can edit what people see on the minimap when they open your showcase.

To edit

  1. Click on the pencil icon floating above the square border in the center of the map
  2. scroll to zoom in or out
  3. Use the mouse to move
  4. ✔️ or ❌ to confirm or cancel the update.

Adding Media spots

Adding media spots allow your prospects to get a good idea of the dimensions of your project. By adding your renders on the correct place on the map view, they can virtually jump around and create a mental picture of the project, without investing in expensive 3D viewers.

To add & edit spots

  1. Locate the media panel to the right
  2. Drag-n-drop a media item
  3. Hover over the newly create spot
  4. Edit the orientation
  5. Click again to confirm