Basic controls

Basic controls

To create your scene and be able to go through it fluently you should first know the basic functionalities for movement in Prompto.

You can download the Prompto cheat sheet here


Creation mode

Travel: Arrow keys
Look around: Middle mouse button
Zoom: Mouse Wheel
Pan camera: Middle mouse button
Rotate camera: Middle mouse button + Alt
Zoom on object: F

Walk mode

Walk: Arrow keys
Duck: Crl
Jump: Space

When decorating the scene in Prompto you can use the following buttons to help you speed up your workflow.


Select Object: Left mouse button
Copy object: Hold CRL + drag with mouse
Delete object: Del
Hide object: H
Unhide objects: Alt+H
Undo: Crl + Z
Redo: Crl + Y

Output is everything that is related to the camera, working with cinematic camera’s makes sure that you can zoom in on objects and make beautiful shots to show your clients. When you have a VR headset you can also step into your design in virtual reality.


Cinematic camera

Enter mode: C
Exit mode : C
Zoom : Mouse wheel

VR – mode

Enter mode: press VR icon
Exit mode : Any key